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Hailey Bieber talks about her experience as a designer

A red carpet, catwalk, and street style star like Hailey Bieber knows how to dress elegantly. That is why it never ceased to amaze us that the model had not launched her clothing line. But the time has come: today Bieber is launching a capsule collection with Wardrobe.NYC. Under the auspices of its founders, Josh Goot and Christine Centenera, Bieber wanted to create a simple assortment of wardrobe essentials, with modern and current details: “I wanted to do without the frippery that goes into preparing a print look,” he explains to Vogue.

Wardrobe.NYC celebrates its fifth anniversary this year and is known for its sleek, minimalist pieces. Her model met her through Centenera: she has always admired her style and thought that joining her in collaboration would work out well. “Each piece is based on my reflection on what items in my closet are the ones I wear the most every day and the ones that I think can last forever, like an attention-grabbing coat or a baggy blazer,” says Bieber. “Clothes that can be layered in the daily routine.”

The collection consists of 11 pieces with a simple aesthetic and no frills that are very easy to wear. The garments can be purchased in packs. The four-piece consists of a T-shirt, blazer, minidress, and a choice of pants or leggings, all for $1,750. The eight, which costs $ 3,750, adds to the previous shirt and sweatpants, a tank top, and a coat. For its part, the knitted sweater and the oversize t-shirt are sold separately.

Bieber tells us that tailoring and fit have been fundamental when designing the collection: “I have made a special effort to ensure that the garments adapt well to the body, in their fall and in how they fit,” he says. “I am very picky about how the clothes I wear fit me, so I have specified the dimensions of each of them to the millimeter.” He has also wanted to incorporate details inspired by his wardrobe into this line. “My style is reflected in all the clothes, from the comfortable and casual to the more elegant and structured. I like to mix comfortable clothes with more sophisticated ones, and that is exactly what I wanted to do with this collection.” Goot joins the conversation: “After defining the basics, we decided to modernize them with more special fabrics,

Bieber notes that finalizing the look of the garments came with some pretty fun challenges: “To be honest, the hardest thing was not to shred the pieces too much. I’m a perfectionist and I can fall into the trap of cutting a pattern to death to make it better. I had to trust my gut to know when something was perfectly done and not keep refining it over and over again. When you get into that loop you run the risk of messing up precious things.”

The clothes are on sale now on the Wardrobe.NYC website, and there’s no doubt that you’ll soon be seeing Hailey Bieber rocking them on the street. Maybe it’s during catwalk month: she skipped New York Fashion Week, yes, but soon you’ll see her in Paris, Milan, or London: “I have very interesting plans for Paris Fashion Week”, hints. We will be attentive.


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