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Hailey Bieber and Karlie Kloss have stopped giving themselves blonde highlights because their natural brown hair is the trend with the most advantages

Behind every blonde, there is usually brown hair punished by successive baths of color. While it is true that blonde highlights, when properly applied, are capable of rejuvenating, bringing light to the face and movement to the hair, they have an even more notable drawback: their high maintenance, especially at an economic level. Perhaps, for this reason, the autumn-winter 2022/2023 color trends impose naturalness in the current socioeconomic framework, and prescribers such as Karlie Kloss and Hailey Bieber demonstrate that it is a most flattering option, thanks to the warm and healthy effect that it contributes to the hair.

Although both have long since left behind their attempts to wear lighter hair by undergoing various techniques, the color they have worn during Paris fashion week seems somewhat darker, responding to one of the maxims of autumn: Brown hair is the new blonde. And the two top models wear it the same: a dark caramel tone, accompanied by a long layered cut, with a messy hairstyle and a center parting. The most amazing? They both look even younger without highlights or blonde streaks.

This is probably because the hair in a uniform tone –without ‘root effect’ or any other type of discoloration– is common in women who do not color their hair; something that occurs especially in the younger ones, who normally stay away from this practice. For this reason, we unconsciously associate ‘virgin’ hair (if only in effect) with young hair.

If you want to experiment with this trend, we recommend Kevin Murphy’Color Me Gloss treatment, which heals the hair as much as a haircut, while adding shine, hydration, and a wash of color. Its peculiarity is that it is an acid coloration: instead of penetrating the hair fiber, it remains on the surface, without changing the color of the hair; however, when applied in its darkest tones, it is capable of making up gray hair. 

The color it gives fades progressively over 15 washes so that as the hair grows, there is no root effect and no maintenance commitment to the new shade. In addition, its vegan formula strengthens each hair thanks to a complex of vegetable proteins and vitamin C, where ammonia is conspicuous by its absence. Another advantage? The treatment lasts only 20 minutes. Being a professional treatment, you can benefit from it in these hairdressing salons.

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