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Flatforms: this is how the most comfortable and flattering footwear is worn this 2022

Flatforms are everything we can ask for in summer shoes and much more. They are sandals, yes, but they are not just any sandals. The key is in the sole that gives them their name: flatform is a play on words between flat (flat, in English) and platform (which means platform), which for practical purposes implies a one-piece sole, but no the way of flat sandals to use, but it consists of at least a couple of centimeters (or more) that allow padding the footprint to feel like you’re walking on clouds. 

They are infinitely comfortable, extremely flattering, and, in addition, this summer, in particular, they are the pure trend. We have found the proof of such an affirmation in street style: from Paris to New York and from London to Milan, the great forerunners of trends, this is how the women who know the most about fashion wear and will wear the quintessential summer footwear of the years 90.   

dad shoes

Two attendees of the London Fashion Week proposed two versions of the flatforms with their looks: sports, black and with adjustable velcro straps in the case of the right; black and white and with a cork and rubber sole on the left one. This type of sandal jumps Birkenstock style from the male to the female shoemaker, which translates into the most comfortable and refreshing steps of the summer.

Platforms in burgundy color

Vaguely similar to the ubiquitous – and male-based – Birkenstock shoe, but slightly taller and much more inclined to sophistication. In this case, they are also leather-effect in a burgundy color, one of those shades that imply elegance in any context.

to the finger

Seen at Paris Fashion Week, these flatforms exude a nineties essence from the heel to the tip of the toe, which, by the way, is held up with a minimalist strap. The key is in the sole of more than five centimeters. They are the best friends of a casual office look and admit any garment (even the tailored suit ).

with height

Although to gain height without losing an ounce of comfort, there are flatforms with a bit of a wedge. They will not only add a few centimeters and optically lengthen the leg, but will also provide maximum comfort without harming the feet or the back. Better always with a skirt, dress or shorts.

Flip-Flop Flatforms

More sporty and more beach-inspired, impossible. And yet, with the right pedicure and garments (dusty pink pleated skirt), flip-flop flatforms can be the secret ingredient to the best urban looks. 

Flatforms with socks

From celebrities to mortals, there is a fashion question that affects everyone equally: is it possible to embroider an airport look that allows us to be comfortable on the plane? The answer is yes, but you may not like it (at first). The reason? It involves compromising a style myth we’ve believed in since childhood: the impossibility of wearing sandals with socks. At Shanghai Fashion Week, however, we found out that flip-flop-like flatforms can be socks’ (and feet’s) best friend. 

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