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How to make one line mehndi design at home .

one line mehndi design at home

Many girls are attracted by the idea of ​​​​making a beautiful one-line mehndi design, but not all decide, because this process is quite painful, the tattoo will remain for life, and if you reduce it, it is expensive and the scar may remain. . But there is an option – henna tattoo at a home henna tattoo is very simple. Even in ancient times, girls decorated themselves with drawings on the body which were applied with henna and washed off after some time. Previously, such tattoos had a symbolic character, of course, they have lost this feature, but you can experiment with different patterns and designs.

 mehndi design by henna

Some of the benefits of henna tattoos at home

First, this process is painless.

Secondly, the henna tattoo remains on the body for about 2-3 months, then it is washed off and does not need to be reduced by some terrible operation.

Third henna tattoo is not contraindicated, it can be applied at any age and does not affect the state of health. Allergy to the henna solution is very rare.

Fourth, henna tattoo, and homemade clothes will not give you any problem, because it does not leave marks.

Fifth, even if you go to the salon to do a henna tattoothe price will turn out to be cheaper for you than a regular tattoo, and the risk of getting some kind of infection is reduced. The henna solution is injected into the top layer of the skin, which is renewed over time.

Of course, it would be better to have a professional do the tattoo for you, but do-it-yourself henna tattoos are also the most doable. Before applying the pattern, it is advisable to do a skin allergy test, for your comfort. Henna comes in different colors. For example, black henna is mainly used to decorate the feet and hands. while red henna is used to decorate the fingers, toes, and nail tips. Henna tattoos can be done anywhere: stomach, shoulders, arms, legs, back, and neck. The designs on the legs and arms are the most brilliant. Before applying the drawing you should:

how to remove one line mehndi

Cleanse and degrease the skin (you can use a scrub or alcohol).

Remove excess hair

Prepare henna solution. Mix one part henna and four parts water and add 2-3 drops of eucalyptus oil.

And apply the drawing. You can use a stencil for this purpose. You can also pre-draw the outline of the future tattoo with a pencil or felt-tip pen

Henna tattoos are applied using syringes without needles, brushes, special sticks, thick needles, or toothpicks.

Henna is absorbed very quickly and if your drawing has gone beyond the contour, immediately wipe off the excess with a cotton swab.

After applying the drawing, spray it with hairspray to secure it. When dried in the sun or under an infrared lamp, the pattern becomes more saturated and bright.





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