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Everything You Need To Know About Makeup From The 80s

Best Makeup from the 80s –

Going back to the makeup from the 80s is the leitmotiv of many events. It is a time of crazy games, great music, and originality shown both in clothes and make-up – like an unlimited time of freedom and carefree in the world of beauty. If you want to imitate the make-up of the 80s and delight with originality, then definitely check out what advice we have prepared for you!

Fall in love with kitsch Makeup from the 80s –

Kitsch doesn’t always have to have negative connotations! Proof? Just look at the unique and original styles from the 80s! Complete your makeup and hair with neon accessories, loose, stylish jackets, sequins, and lots of plastic jewelry. Combined with colorful makeup and a storm of curls – this look will become a unique reflection of the crazy 80s! Even though #cleanmakeup and #skinimalizm have currently taken over makeup and skincare, returning to the disco era is always the perfect solution, even for one special event.

More is better – step-by-step makeup from the 80s

More is better are words that will scare many fans of conscious care and minimalism in makeup. However, this was the keynote in the 80s – more color, more glitter, and more accessories. We have prepared for you tips on how to do makeup like in the 80s step by step and what products will work perfectly to reproduce the full style of the disco era.

Ps Make-up in the style of the 80s is usually a large number of cosmetics and accessories. Therefore, it is worth preparing the skin properly to prevent its possible irritation! You can read about proper skin preparation before stronger makeup here:

Step 1 – Eye Makeup

Eye makeup in the style of the 80s? It is worth exaggerating a bit with this. Bet on color, flash, and expressive look full of character. In the disco era, highly shiny eye shadows were usually used, which gave the whole styling a satin glow – remember that gloss is a characteristic element of this period! For eye makeup, a dark and expressive line made with eyeliner may also be necessary. It doesn’t have to be delicate and thin… Here it is worth choosing a thicker line that will strongly emphasize your colorful eye! Show off your personality with eye-catching makeup.

Don’t forget the eyebrows! The 80s were the time when thin and heavily plucked eyebrows were in fashion. However, it is not worth getting rid of them completely for one party. Leave them natural, or spread the concealer on your hair and paint a thin line with a crayon in their place. This look will surely impress your friends.

Step 2 – Lip make-up

Does the perfect disco-style make-up finish? Of course, full and expressive lips! Women at that time were not satisfied only with colorful clothes and colorful make-up – without a doubt, the whole outfit had to look phenomenal! The classic red on the lips was uninterruptedly popular. Ladies, however, reached for not only this color – both pink and other neon colors were extremely fashionable. Check out which lipsticks will perfectly match the style of the 80s!

Ps, You don’t have to match the color of your lipstick to your outfit – the power of colors is essential! Don’t limit yourself and go crazy with accessories such as lip gloss.

Step 3 – Fixing the make-up

Even though make-up fixatives weren’t as well known in the 80s, it’s worth making sure that the much-desired disco effect doesn’t disappear from your face after a few crazy dances on the dance floor. What will work perfectly? We recommend Fixing Spray from Lumene, which refreshes and fixes makeup, giving it a luminous finish. It is a product that allows you to fix and refresh your makeup at any time of the day while giving additional hydration.

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