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Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid’s success story

Top models Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid’

The names of the models Bella and Gigi Hadid are known to everyone who is interested in the modeling business . The modeling career of girls developed so rapidly that many perceived it as nonsense. Both sisters instantly soared to the top of the modeling Olympus, repeatedly became the models of the year in the ratings of international agencies. In addition, the girls are popular Instagram bloggers, constantly appear on the covers of fashion publications, appear in videos and give interviews. In this article, we will talk about the life of Gigi and Bella Hadid, their modeling history. Perhaps their life will inspire beginner models, and everyone who is passionate about this area will get a new portion of reading pleasure.

Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid'

Bella and Gigi Hadid’s parents

The history of models should start with their parents.

So, the girls’ father is Mohamed Hadid, a Palestinian, born on November 6, 1948. His first wife is Mary Butler, the second is Yolanda Hadid, who became the mother of the sisters. Mohamed Hadid is best known as a real estate developer, builder of luxury mansions and hotels. But at certain periods of his life, he was engaged in various activities: he founded a nightclub, imported American cars, and so on.

Many scandals are associated with the father of the Hadid sisters, for example, in the 1980s, he clashed with Donald Trump on the basis of business interests and won. And not so long ago, 23-year-old model Miranda Vee accused him of sexual harassment. Miru Mohamed Hadid is known as a multimillionaire and the father of top models .

The mother of the Hadid sisters, Yolanda Hadid, was born on January 11, 1964, in Papendrecht, the Netherlands. At various times she participated in television shows, was an interior designer. For 15 years she worked as a model. She married Mohamed Hadid in 1984, the couple separated in 2000 (she later married David Foster). The couple has three children: Gigi, Bella, and son Anwar. Since 2012, Yolanda has been suffering from Lyme disease, which occurs with varying degrees of complexity. All children of Mohamed Hadid from all marriages communicate well and are in close relationships.

The story of Bella Hadid (Isabella “Bella” Khair Hadid)

The youngest of the sisters was born on October 9, 1996 in Washington, USA. Model parameters: height 175 cm, volumes: 86-61-89 cm. Like Gigi, Bella was fond of sports from an early age, in particular horse racing, she was even going to participate in the 2016 Olympics. But her health condition interfered – she was diagnosed with Lyme disease (from a tick bite), like her mother Yolanda.

As the girl admits, she has always been shy and complexed about her appearance, struggled with being overweight. However, in 2014, she, like her older sister, signed a contract with the IMG Models agency, since then her modeling career has developed very rapidly. Already in 2015, the young model was awarded the Star Breakthrough Award. By the way, by nature Bella is blonde, and she began to paint in a dark color to be different from her sister.

After a series of filming for music videos and TV shows, she began to be invited to shows by such brands as: CHANEL, Calvin Klein, Moschino, DKNY, Nike, she became the face of the cosmetic brand Dior. In 2016, the short film “Privat” was released, in which Bella Hadil played the main role. In the same 2016, she won the “Model of the Year” nomination, became the model of the year according to Models.com, and entered the list of 50 top models in the world.

Like her sister, Bella signed a contract with the Victoria’s Secret brand, participated in the show as an “Angel”. And in 2017 she became the brand ambassador for Bulgari, as well as the face of the new Goldea fragrance The Roman Night. Bella Hadid set a record by appearing on 8 covers of Vogue magazine at once. Subsequently, she again became the model of the year according to Models.com, but this time according to the readers.

Bella and Gigi Hadid are one of the highest paid models in the world

  • Gigi Hadid ranked 5th in the list of the most “expensive” models in the world according to “Forbes”. The top model’s combined income was $9.5 million.
  • In turn, in 2017, Bella Hadid took 9th place in the list of the highest paid models in the world according to Forbes. The girl’s income amounted to 6 million dollars.


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