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Everything You Need To Know About The 80’s Fashion

 The 80’s fashion

When we think about the 80’s fashion today, many of us probably recognize that the trends of that time were extremely … kitschy. Neon tracksuits, bodysuits, ankle socks… But in those days, designer jeans and biker boots were also popular, which we still wear today. What was the fashion of the 80s like? What else can we borrow from it now?

 Styles of the 80’s fashion

In the 80s fashion, the sporty lifestyle was on top. Gyms were opened, and such sports as gymnastics or dance gained importance, mainly thanks to the cult film ” Dirty Dancing “. In this decade, the cult of the body was emphasized, and sportswear and clothing that emphasized the figure were fashionable: bodysuits for exercise or leg warmers.

1. Sports

The main trend in the fashion of the 80s was the passion for sports, dancing, and emphasizing the figure with the right clothes. There were tight bodysuits, ankle socks, tracksuits, comfortable shoes, and appropriate accessories: wristbands or headbands that allowed you to collect your hair during exercise. At that time, many music videos were also made, in which the singers practiced some sport while singing.

2. Disco

Another trend was the passion for disco music, borrowed from the previous decade. Colorful clothes were worn, leggings, and short skirts, all made of shiny or embellished materials that shimmered beautifully in the light. You could also wear leather clothes to the disco, including a stylish Ramones jacket. Today, this styling will also work great, especially in combination with an airy dress and openwork boots.

3. Branded clothes and accessories

In this decade, clothes and accessories from the then-top designers were the focus. So it became more important what you wear, where you bought it and who designed it. The iconic jeans from Calvin Klein were on top. Top chain brands included Levi’s, Wrangler, and Lee. These brands offered high-quality denim clothing, including pants, shirts, and katanas. Owning such branded jeans was a dream come true. In our country, it was a real luxury, because the 1980s were marked by communism and difficulties with access to many goods and services.

Hairstyles fashionable in the 80s

What hairstyles were in fashion in the ’80s? It was definitely in the lead… it lasted. The perm looked great on medium-length hair. Such a treatment gave volume to the hair, but unfortunately, it also damaged it a lot. This decade was also dominated by bangs, they also had to have volume, and curled and side-swept bangs were also popular. If someone had long hair, it was also popular at that time to give it volume, e.g. backcombing the hairstyle. On the other hand, in the 80s, longer, calm bobs and dynamic pixie cuts were in fashion. A sexy tomboy in teddies and leggings? This is the symbol of this decade.

How to dress today in the style of the 80’s fashion?

Do you want to style yourself in the 80s trend today? Take something interesting from this era. Nothing easier. Many patterns and elements of clothing that were fashionable at that time are coming back to favor. They are available on the market in a slightly refreshed and modernized version, but it is still extremely fashionable vintage. Bodysuits go first: they are a great alternative to a blouse or top, and also under a jacket! You can invest in a one-color bodysuit, but you can also easily buy a model with an animal print. Second: leggings. Today they are worn not only to the gym but also every day, and even to work! In spring they replace trousers, and in winter: tights. You can also invest in a blouse with puff sleeves or a dress with such sleeves. It will look great with braided hair and high heels. You can also experiment with make-up, stylized for the 80s.





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