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‘Emily in Paris’ confirms that the French fringe will be the most requested of autumn-winter 2022/2023

Vibrant colors, fantasy prints, and impossible clothing combinations will continue to be the central axis of Emily Cooper’s style – the character brought to life by Lily Collins – in the third season of Emily in Paris. Of that, there is no doubt. But in addition to her always transgressive mixes, when the first images of this new installment were revealed, we have been able to observe an unexpected –or not so much– change of look in the protagonist of the successful Netflix series. Yes, Emily has put on (French) bangs .

Already accustomed to her long hair parted in the middle, the character now goes for the flattering French fringe that Parisians have made so popular and that this season was already presented as one of the favorite trends of autumn-winter 2022/2023. Emily Ratajkowski, Bella Hadid, Sydney Sweeney, and Nicola Peltz are some of the celebrities who have already switched to this style in recent months, and the fact that it is now making an appearance in Emily in Paris is the definitive confirmation.

Trend or change of attitude? Without this third installment having been released yet, it is difficult to know the reason for this new look, but the truth is that everything indicates that it goes beyond the mere fact that the character wants to join the trends. If the middle parting could suggest the rigidity of the newcomer from the United States, this fringe could represent her ever-deeper incorporation into French culture (or, at least, into that relaxed and rather clichéd vision that shows the series). Be it for one reason or another, there is no doubt that, after the premiere of this season, the French fringe is going to be requested (even more) by hairdressers. Emily has done it again.

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