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‘El Pañuelo’, la nueva colaboración entre Rosalía y Romeo Santos dispuesta a convertirse en la nueva ‘Obsesión’

Rosalia has done it again. With only a few seconds of spoilers from her hit De Ella La Fama, along with The Weekend in which she let herself be seduced by bachata, Romeo Santos surrendered at the feet of the Catalan.

And it is that the “King of bachata” with Rosalía was love at first sight: the American singer became addicted to the voice of “La Rosalía” when he first heard it, which led to inviting her to the performance closing ceremony of his Latin American tour with Aventura —the group he formed in 1994 with his brothers Lenny, Max, and Henry— in Santo Domingo, in September 2021.

Their first performance together, playing Obsesión, wowed the audience and highlighted the undeniable connection between the two, as well as the Spaniard’s mastery of bachata. Shortly after, Santos sentenced: “From the first day I heard this girl, I knew she would be a superstar. Because of her voice, her charisma, and her humility that makes her even more special”. So it was clear to both of them that they would end up creating something together .

Thus, the Olympic Stadium in Santo Domingo unknowingly foreshadowed the most anticipated collaboration of the summer, El Pañuelo, in which bachata is fused with Spanish folk music; but there is also a place for flamenco sounds; all this under a romantic theme and with the mythical “La Rosalía” as a closing.

The new theme is part of the New Yorker’s new album, Formula Vol. 3, which was released on Thursday, September 1, and although the collaboration with the artist from Motomami was one of the most anticipated, it has another six more duets with artists like Justin Timberlake, Nicki Minaj or Usher.

Another great surprise of this collaboration was the participation of Diego ‘El Cigala’, one of the greats in the world of flamenco music. And although the official video clip still does not have a release date, we have been able to see small previews in which it intuits an ode to Spanish culture, at the height of one of the great songs of the year.

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