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Who Is Jeffrey Dahmer’s Mother? Why She Disappeared

Joyce Dahmer, the mother of the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, was born in 1926. When she was a teenager, Joyce had an affair with her married boss.

She became pregnant and eventually gave birth to a son. Sadly, Joyce’s affair led to her father shooting her lover to death in retribution for stealing his daughter.

How Jeffrey’s Mother Disappeared

Jeffrey Dahmer’s mother, Joyce, disappeared when Jeffrey was just eight years old. She left her husband and two sons behind without any explanation.

Some believe that she may have been suffering from mental illness, while others speculate that she simply couldn’t handle the stress of her family life.

Whatever the reason, her disappearance had a profound effect on young Jeffrey.

In the years following Joyce’s disappearance, Jeffrey struggled in school and withdrew from social activities.

He became increasingly interested in dead animals and began collecting roadkill to dissect. This behavior alarmed his father, Lionel, who worried that his son was following in his mother’s footsteps.

Lionel tried to get Jeffrey help from a psychiatrist, but Jeffrey refused to talk about his feelings or participate in therapy.

As an adult, Jeffrey continued to struggle with mental health issues and alcoholism. He also had a dark interest in necrophilia and cannibalism,

which led to his gruesome crimes. It’s unclear if Joyce’s disappearance played a role in shaping Jeffrey’s disturbing desires, but it’s clear that her absence left a lasting mark on her youngest son.

What We Know

We know that Jeffrey Dahmer’s mother, Joyce Dahmer, was a housewife and that she married Jeffrey Dahmer’s father when she was 18 years old.

We also know that she had a difficult time coping with her son’s mental illness and that she eventually divorced her husband and disappeared from public life.

Who is Joyce Dahmer?

Jeffrey Dahmer’s mother, Joyce, was a housewife who disappeared when her son was just eight years old.

Some believe she may have run off with another man, while others believe she may have been the victim of foul play. Whatever the case, her disappearance has always been a mystery.

Joyce Dahmer was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1936. She married Jeffrey’s father Lionel in 1959 and the couple had two sons together – Jeffrey and David. Lionel worked as a chemist while Joyce stayed at home to raise the kids.

The family seemed happy enough on the surface, but things were apparently not well behind closed doors.

Joyce was reportedly an abusive parent who would often beat her sons for minor infractions.

She also had a drinking problem and would often become belligerent when drunk.

In 1967, when Jeffrey was just eight years old, Joyce simply vanished one day without a trace. Lionel claimed she had left him for another man and filed for divorce soon after. However, many people believe that something more sinister may have happened to her.

There were rumors that Joyce had been having an affair with a local police officer before she vanished and that he may have had something to do with her disappearance.

Lionel himself is also suspected by some to be involved in his wife’s death, though there is no concrete evidence to support this theory.

Joyce Dahmer’s disappearance has remained unsolved for over 50 years now and it seems unlikely that we will ever

Why She Disappeared

Between Jeffrey Dahmer’s arrest in 1991 and his mother’s death in 2000, she gave only one interview. In it, she claimed to be “totally devastated” by her son’s crimes.

She also said that she had not seen him since he was 18 years old and had no idea he was capable of such violence.

It is not known why Mrs. Dahmer disappeared from the public eye after this one interview. Some have speculated that she was simply too traumatized by her son’s crimes to speak publicly again.

Others have theorized that she may have been paid off by the Dahmer family to keep quiet. Whatever the reason, her disappearance remains a mystery.

Where is She Now?

In the years since Jeffrey Dahmer’s arrest and eventual conviction, his mother has largely disappeared from the public eye.

She has given no interviews and has not been active on social media. It is believed that she now lives in Florida, but her exact whereabouts are unknown.

This is not surprising, given the horrific nature of her son’s crimes. For many years, she was hounded by the media and was even the subject of death threats.

It is possible that she has changed her name and is living under a different identity in order to protect herself and her family from further harassment.

Whatever her current situation may be, it is clear that she is still struggling to come to terms with what her son did.

In a recent interview, Dahmer’s father said that she “hasn’t been the same” since Jeffrey’s arrest and that she “blames herself.” It is likely that she will never fully recover from the trauma of what happened.


Jeffrey Dahmer’s mother, Joyce Annette Dahmer, is a woman shrouded in mystery. Many believe that she disappeared because she was unable to deal with the horrific reality of her son’s crimes.

Others believe that she may have had something to do with his crimes. Whatever the case may be, Joyce Annette Dahmer remains an enigma — a woman who has chosen to live in anonymity and away from the public eye.

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