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Christian Dior and Charlize Theron presented J’adore

The famous actress Charlize Dior Theron became the face of the perfume.

At J’adore, confident and successful, yet sensual, Charlize Theron embodies the ultimate femininity in Dior style. There is something radiant and majestic about her beauty. She is a goddess among world legends, harmoniously combining the modernity and sophistication of a woman. Charlize Theron is one of the few stars who can revive the golden age of Hollywood and is the true embodiment of the femininity that J’adore celebrates.

Along with the release of the J’adore collection. Dior also presented the short film “J’adore Dior”, in which Charlize had the opportunity to smile at the greatest film stars – fans of Dior, and the film was directed by the famous master and perfectionist Jean-Jacques Annaud.

In the film, movie stars come to life to take part in an extraordinary fashion show at the Gallery of Mirrors. Anno brought the radiant, blond beauty Charlize to the Palace of Versailles, where she met Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, and Marlene Dietrich.

Fashion house Christian Dior has presented a new creation – J’adore fragrance.

The history of J’adore is written with notes of flower essences. Precious essences, distilled according to the craftsmanship of Haute Parfumerie, bring out the gorgeous, radiant, and delicate facets of each flower.

Essences of Yellow Mandarin from Italy, Damask Rose, and Neroli merge in perfect harmony. A place of honor in the composition of the fragrance is occupied by the white flower of the orange tree, which is the source of the essence of Neroli. Harvested by hand in the sunny gardens of Tunisia, these haloed flowers add sophistication and elegance to the fragrance.

The woody, slightly vanilla trail lends a special character to J’adore.

J’adore is a delicate floral fragrance with fresh floral essences and fruity notes.

The top note is the first impression of a fragrance.

The heart note lasts for several hours – this is the essence of the fragrance.

The base note is reminiscent of the fragrance long after application.

The first sales of J’Adore will begin in Singapore in October 2011.

J’adore – Birth of a Legend

Back in 1947, Christian Dior dreamed of giving women the charm and seductiveness of a real queen. Christian sang of femininity and wanted to emphasize it in every woman, “emphasizing the chest and hips, the small waist of the princess and the majestic posture.”

“Women, with their unerring instinct, should have understood that I dreamed of making them not only beautiful but also happy. ” Stunning, jubilant, and daring, the New Look collection was created with that intent in mind, the accentuated waistline and puffy bell skirt with an outrageous amount of fabric recreating those flowing and exhilarating lines in the infinitely flawless “8” shape.

J’adore was created with the same intention – to express freedom and audacity. Feminine J’adore, in the full sense of the word, was a continuation of Christian Dior’s idea. He knew how to charm and win the hearts of elegant women all over the world.

The bottle, reminiscent of an amphora, characteristic of the first fragrances of the house of Dior, continues the theme of the figure-eight silhouette. The amphora, which became the prototype of the J’adore bottle, is precisely the form for which Monsieur Dior had a special love. Each element of J’adore bottles is the epitome of Dior’s concept of luxury – elegance, sophistication, purity, and rigor.

And the spontaneous exclamation “I love it!” became the name of this fragrance.

Like a lightning strike, this unusual name immediately distinguishes a woman from the crowd.

Her favorite exclamation when viewing the most successful models of clothes, J’adore, expressing joyful approval, has become a unique symbol of excellence.

“Sometimes it is necessary to accumulate a sufficiently large number of drawings for a new style to appear. And then one of the drawings quite spontaneously attracts your attention: “Oh! I like it! J’adore!
“In most cases, this belated recognition teaches us – the simplest, classic silhouette, but the one that has a clear character, and receives approval. It becomes the brightest . ” – Christian Dior.

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