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Black Dresses Approved By A Fashion Editor Who Wears Them All The Time

I am a girl of few words and many black dresses. And I firmly believe that it is the most versatile garment that exists and an absolute wardrobe essential to wear 365 days a year; I use them for casual days combining them with Converse sneakers, in summer with Greek sandals, in winter with high boots, for more formal events with heels and a long etcetera of scenarios and situations. Each season the fleeting (and ephemeral) trends are different. Yet black dresses abide by fashion’s most universal mantra: less is more. and they are always (regardless of the season we are in) a safe and cool bet.

Known as LBD ( little black dress ), as elegant as it is hot, for formal or informal occasions, the black dress is undoubtedly one of the great icons of fashion. In the 1920s (and ever since), it became a symbol of liberation and modernity, redefining how women dressed and wanted to dress. The origin of the little black dress is attributed to Coco Chael, but many years later it was another designer who best knew how to explain in a few words what this garment (a priori simple) meant for the fashion industry. “Designing a little black dress tries to express in a simple and banal object the great complexity of women, of aesthetics of the present”, said Miuccia Prada.

Knitted, asymmetrical, short, lingerie… These 20 black dresses meet all the requirements to become an absolute wardrobe essential to wear throughout the year.

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