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Best Liveleak Alternatives to Try For News in 2023

Best Liveleak Alternatives News

Liveleak is a website that allows users to upload and share videos and images. It has become one of the most popular sites on the internet, but with good reason- it’s an excellent source of news. However, if you want to continue using Liveleak in 2023, there are a few alternatives you should consider. Here are four that we think are worth checking out: 1. Upload your content on YouTube: YouTube is one of the most popular video platforms in the world, and it offers all the features you’d expect from a site like Liveleak. You can easily upload videos and share them with your followers, making it an excellent alternative for news content. 2. Use Instagram: Instagram is another hugely popular social media platform, with over 2 billion active users. Unlike YouTube, which is primarily used to upload videos, Instagram is perfect for sharing images and photos. Not only that, but Instagram offers great features for storytelling- perfect for news content. 3. Use Pinterest: Pinterest is another great platform for sharing images and ideas. It’s especially popular among women, who use it to store recipes, fashion tips, and more. Plus, because Pinterest is built around pins worldbignetwork


  1. MeWe: This social media platform is great for sharing news articles and videos. Users can follow popular channels and post their content to share with friends. You can also join communities to find like-minded people who share your interests.
  2. Twitter: Twitter is a great place to find news stories and current events. You can follow major news sources, as well as specific interest accounts to get breaking news about topics you care about.
  3. Facebook: Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the world, so it’s no surprise that it’s a great source of news articles and videos. You can easily search for specific topics or posts from your friends, which makes it easy to find interesting content to share with others online.
  4. Reddit: Reddit is a user-generated website where you can browse through thousands of different subreddit communities (similar to forums). This makes it an excellent resource for finding news stories on a wide range of topics. You can also submit your content for consideration by other users, which allows you to reach a large audience quickly.


Twitter is a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest news, but it can be difficult to find good liveleak alternatives. Here are some of our favorites:

BuzzSumo: This tool can help you find the most popular stories on Twitter. Simply type in a keyword or phrase and BuzzSumo will return a list of the most discussed tweets related to that topic. This is a great way to get your news fixed without having to follow dozens of accounts.

Hootsuite: Hootsuite lets you manage all your social media accounts from one platform. This is an especially helpful tool if you have multiple accounts for different purposes (like work and personal). You can also schedule posts, track analytics, and more.

Digg: Digg was once one of the biggest sites for news on the web, but it’s since fallen out of favor. Still, it’s worth checking out if you’re looking for something more unique than what Twitter offers. Digg users can vote on stories, which can influence how popular they become.


Google is the most popular search engine on the internet and is used by millions of people every day. While it’s a great resource for finding information, there are other great liveleak alternatives to try out if you want to get your news fixed. Here are five of our favorites:

  1. Reddit – Reddit is a massive online community with more than 160 million active users. It’s built specifically for news and can be a great source for breaking news, as well as top stories from around the web. You can also find interesting discussions and links to articles from all over the web on Reddit.
  2. Digg – Digg is another huge online community with more than 50 million members. Like Reddit, it’s built specifically for news and can be a great place to find breaking news as well as top stories from around the web. You can also find interesting discussions and links to articles from all over the web on Digg.
  3. StumbleUpon – StumbleUpon is an online discovery platform that helps you discover new websites and content that you might be interested in. It has more than 150 million users, so it’s a reliable source for finding new content that you might not have found elsewhere.
  4. Tumblr -Tumblr is an online blog platform that has become very popular in recent years due to its simple design and user-friendly interface. It has more than 175 million users and is a great way to


YouTube is a great resource for news sources. It offers a wide variety of channels, including some dedicated to news. Some popular alternatives to YouTube for news are LiveLeak and DailyMotion.

LiveLeak is a website that lets users watch videos from around the web. Videos can be either public or private, and users can comment on them. LiveLeak also has its app, which makes it easy to watch videos on the go.

DailyMotion is similar to LiveLeak in that it lets users watch videos from around the web. However, DailyMotion also has its content creators, so users can find more specific videos about topics they are interested in. DailyMotion also has an app, which makes it easy to watch videos on the go.


Reddit is a website where users can submit links and stories about current events, as well as make posts about anything they want. It’s a great place to find breaking news, as well as interesting articles and videos. Here are some of the best liveleak alternatives to try for news:

The Guardian has been covering politics and world news for years and is home to some of the best journalists in the world. If you’re looking for something more general, The Huffington Post is a great option. They have a wide variety of topics covered, from lifestyle to entertainment. If you’re looking for viral videos, then Funny or Die is the site for you. They’ve got everything from laughs to heartwarming moments, and they always have new content coming out.

There are many other great liveleak alternatives out there, so try different ones until you find one that matches your interests and needs. Reddit is a great way to get started finding new content, so be sure to check it out!


Liveleak is a great source of news, but there are other platforms that you can use to get your news. Here are some alternatives to try:

  1. The Guardian – The Guardian is a UK-based news site that offers a variety of content, including breaking news, politics, and opinion.
  2. Vox Media – Vox Media is a media company with multiple outlets, including, The Verge, and Polygon. Vox offers both breaking news coverage as well as in-depth investigative reporting.
  3. CBS News – CBS News is one of the oldest and most respected news organizations in the United States. Their coverage includes national and international headlines as well as more localized stories in many parts of the country.
  4. NBC News – NBC News is another reputable U.S.-based media outlet that offers extensive coverage of national and international events.


BuzzFeed is a great resource for news, but there are plenty of other liveleak alternatives out there if you’re looking for something a little more specific. Here are four of our favorites:

  1. Brighton – This site is perfect for breaking news, as it regularly shares stories that have yet to be found on other platforms.
  2. UpCity – UpCity is a great resource for local news, and it’s one of the few places where you can find both national and international stories.
  3. ViralNova – ViralNova is known for its funny videos, but it also regularly shares viral news stories.
  4. Newsify – Newsify is another great source for breaking news, as it often posts stories before other outlets do.a

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