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All about the ‘frame cut’: the most flattering layered haircut according to experts

The layered haircut is one of the great favorites in all its versions: from Queen Letizia’s clavicle to Kate Middleton’s length. Among its advantages, we find the low maintenance it requires or the volume it gives to fine hair, and yet some have not found their perfect layered cut. Those who do not dare with it may think that it is a rigid style, that it could favor you or not, and that is where this design comes into play that hair stylists adapt at will according to their client. “There are many familiar faces that wear this type of cut. Among them are Sienna Miller , Elsa Pataky or Penélope Cruz”, tells us Alejandro Cabanillas, hair stylist at Tacha Beauty . Although it may be more graphic to look at how the queens of Instagram look.

custom layers

“The frame cut is a layered cut in which the strands closest to the face are marked, above all. Depending on each hair and the shape of each face, we will make the layers longer or shorter”, says Diana Daureo, founder of the Madrid hairdressing salon that bears her name. Cabanillas highlights how she combines different lengths of the layers, “regardless of the length that the client wears. The key is to create different lengths to highlight and flatter features.”

Hence, it is popular for favoring all types of face: “The layers admit very varied versions, depending on the area where they are located they will provide very different effects. They are perfect for shaping any mane and any type of hair: well worked, with a precise and studied technique”, says Daureo.

contouring effect

“It can be worn with or without bangs,” says the Tacha expert. “The essential thing about this layered haircut is that the layers are slightly shorter in the front (chin or below the nose), as we are looking for a contouring effect with the cut,” he adds. A finish that can be sublimated with the right coloring: “The most suitable color works for this type of cut are more pronounced balayage highlights in the areas close to the face, highlighting the volumes”, advises Cabanillas.


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