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Abdominal exercises: the secret of the Japanese to make them more effective (and to prevent swelling)

We have talked at length about abdominal exercises, how to train to have a toned belly, and the remedies and foods that can deal with (widespread) abdominal inflammation. But until now we had not explained the convenience of having a short massage before training to enhance its effects and prevent swelling. However, as explained by Mariko and Tomoya, creators of a famous fitness channel in Japan, self-massages improve metabolism and reduce inflammation. Specifically, when they are carried out in the abdominal area before training. “By massaging the abdomen area you promote the rapid elimination of waste. I usually give myself quite a few massages on my abdomen, especially on my sides, before training. To achieve a slender waist, gently massage your body with both hands, from the side to the lower abdomen, below the navel. Do not forget to apply the cream while massaging to avoid hurting yourself, ”says Mariko in one of her books ( A perfect torso in 5 minutes ).

These words are reminiscent of those of Dr. Stephen Gan, a specialist in gastroenterology, who has explained in several publications the benefits of doing small 2-minute belly massages to detoxify and prepare the body for fat removal (before having breakfast and before going to bed). In fact, in Under Ground Health Reporter, he recommended rubbing your palms together and drawing circles around your navel, gradually making them bigger and faster until you’re making about one circle per second.

And to continue adding reasons that justify the convenience of massaging the abdomen area, we remember the words of Vanessa Delli, founder of DelliCare, who recommended we practice dry brushing or dry exfoliation with a brush just before exercising. “In this way, what you mobilize and drain will be eliminated through sweat,” she said.

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