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A ‘holed’ skirt and a black sweater: on how Queen Letizia has defied protocol with her latest look

In her last public appearance, the queen surprised with a most original stylistic choice: an H&M skirt with a ‘cut-out’ that circumvents the protocol and comes out gracefully this point, Queen Letizia has already shown more than enough that she is capable of adapting the protocol to her style. And it is that beyond those infallible bets with which she copes with the day-to-day of her protocol routine, it is more and more common for her to surprise us with some unexpected piece or accessory.

That has been precisely the case of her last public appearance on the occasion of the inauguration of the Tudela Ópera Prima Festival, for which the consort has opted for a piece that has left no one indifferent. The design in question was a Vichy print pleated midi skirt that, however, concentrated its great appeal in an unexpected circular opening that exposed the queen’s thigh.

A nod that has playfully circumvented protocol (remember that it is unusual for royalty to show their legs above the knee) and that has referred to other iconic fashion moments, such as Viktor’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection. & Rolf, or even the incursions into the textile industry of the artist Yayoi Kusama, who already in 1968 presented a collection full of circular holes like the one on the queen’s skirt. On this occasion, however, the model belongs to a much more accessible brand, since it is part of the latest collection of the Swedish textile giant H&M, which, in addition, advocated in its campaign to dress it in a very different way: using the hole as an exit path for one of the legs.

Doña Letizia has opted, however, for a much more conservative context, traditionally dressing her and combining her with a simple black Boss sweater. A bet that, without a doubt, seeks to give all the prominence to this cut-out that is also added to the long list of garments that play with this resource in the queen’s wardrobe. And it is not the first time that we have witnessed how her majesty plays with strategic openings. And judging by the success of her latest look, it won’t be her last either. Because if skipping the protocol results in a look as gimmicky as this one, breaking the rules is more appealing than ever.

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