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An oversized blazer

To the office or university, a good oversize blazer is essential wherever you go this fall. Its great versatility allows you to use it with jeans and sneakers for a relaxed effect or with a skirt and loafers to be the coolest

A mini (very mini)

Gone is the reign of the midi skirts, this year the bets all revolve around the return of the miniskirt. And not just any kind, but they will take the miniskirts that are reminiscent of the ones you wore when you went to school. The best? You can wear this Pull&Bear design with a matching blazer or on its own and increase its possibilities.

a classic shirt

Another essential of the season is a classic shirt. At this point, surely a white shirt is already hanging in your closet, so we invite you to invest in a blue one and make it your best ally of the season .

Some chunky loafers

We refer to our favorite celebrities: this year the moccasins will be chunky or they won’t be. What does this mean? That the most classic shoe in your wardrobe, this season will have a track sole that will give it a colossal look.

An off-road bag

Every September it is mandatory to buy a new backpack or bag that is off-road. For your most classic looks, opt for a large black bag that will fit all your essentials. It will never fail you.

A varsity jacket

The iconic baseball jacket, the result of the college – or varsity – macro trend, is another timeless wardrobe staple that returns to our lives this fall. Forget leather jackets and jean jackets too, because this jacket will be the one you won’t want to take off for months to come.

An infallible top

When we talk about an infallible top we refer to a design with a basic, timeless and ageless look that you can take anywhere with you: to the office, to university, during vacations, to a party… No occasion can resist it.

some white pants

White pants in winter: yes or no? The eternal debate opens. The truth is that we are so used to wearing white during the warmer months that, when autumn arrives, we keep them in the back of the closet in favor of shades like brown or black. What if we break the rules this year with these Pull&Bear pants?

Ankle boots with a track sole

Like the moccasins, this year’s boots and ankle boots will also have track soles. In addition, the trends say that we will wear them in colors such as white or green and that we will forget about the black color in this matter.

a fun backpack

The diary, the purse, the toiletry bag, the phone, the tablet … Every day we need to carry many things with us and, for the most casual looks, our best option is a fun backpack that is easy to combine. Bye-bye, bags.

A vibrant vest

Vests, vests, and more vests. It was in 2021 that vests became a new essential for the colder months. In a tailored version or quilted with a more sporty touch, this season all you need in your wardrobe is a vibrant color design that becomes the center of attention in any look.

A sailor knit set

When autumn arrives, the most appetizing thing is to wear a dress or a coordinated knitted outfit. The reasons are clear: they allow you to achieve a rounded look in five minutes.

A Sailor Knit Set (vol. II)

At Pull&Bear you will find perfect knitwear for rentrée – whatever type it may be. Bet on the sailor print and you will have a comfortable and very fashionable look that you will not want to leave all autumn.

some pastel sneakers

If you are looking for different sneakers but that have the same effect as white ones, you will find them at Pull&Bear. With them, the imagination is the limit.

a padded jacket

Certain garments become viral pieces thanks to Instagram, and that is exactly the phenomenon that puffer jackets experienced last season. In case you are wondering, they will be a trend again this fall-winter.

a college sweatshirt

One basic, endless option: that’s what college-style sweatshirts are all about. Our favorite option for this fall? In the purest Lady Di style, with cycling shorts and white sneakers.

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