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6 easy steps to keep your skin tanned and radiant all year round

The fact that the sun is starting to give up this summer does not mean that we have to give up having tanned skin during the coldest months of the year. There are endless methods that can help us maintain healthy, radiant, and tanned skin healthily, protecting us from UV rays. We talked to makeup artist Cher Webb for advice on how to get that look.

1. Have a good facial routine

“The key to recreating a healthy, authentic summer glow is to be consistent with our facial routine because any product applied on top will further enhance the skin’s natural radiance,” says Webb. Exfoliating acids such as AHAs, BHAs, and PHAs (used sparingly) can be very helpful, especially when used in conjunction with a radiance-boosting vitamin C antioxidant product.

2. Nothing better than a brilliant primer

One of Webb’s favorite products for creating instant radiance is a glow-boosting primer: “If you prep your skin and light it right, your makeup will boost it even more,” she says. “The Beauty Blur Face by Vita Liberata is a spectacular primer that instantly gives summer skin and a hint of radiance. I love using it as a base and then adding concealer .”

3. Less is more

When we apply foundation, our goal is to keep the complexion fresh and without too much artifice. Therefore, nothing better than using a tinted moisturizer, a beauty balm, or even just concealer. “Use products that amplify shine and add warmth and color,” recommends the makeup artist. ” Bronzing powder is perfect for that. My advice is to use a generous brow brush, then sweep around the temples and under the cheekbones to gently sculpt the face.” During the summer, in addition, Webb reviews the eyelids and the bridge of the nose.

4. Lights

“Highlighter is the key to a healthy glow. In the summer I always reach for liquid and cream highlighters to add that extra touch of dimension and shine. Apply to the highest points of your face, starting with your cheekbones, browbones, cupid, and the inner area of ​​the eye,” suggests Webb. His favorite? Les Beiges Highlighting Fluid, by Chanel, because it blends perfectly with the skin and can be added to foundation or moisturizer for a little more luminosity.

5. “Toasted skin” effect

How to recreate that “toasted skin” effect that we keep seeing on social networks? The key is to place the blush strategically. “Put blush, be it pink, red, or coral, on your cheeks and nose. Don’t be afraid to put it a little higher than usual. Think of it as where the sun would naturally hit you if you were walking around the city.” If not, you can refer to the frame of the sunglasses,” says Webb.

6. There is no summer without freckles

Freckles are the epitome of summer, so enhancing or even creating them can be a quick trick to help you achieve full-blown summer skin: ” Brow pencils often work great for creating fake freckles, as the undertones blend very well with natural skin tone, ” says Webb. “Find a very fine-tipped brow pencil that’s the same shade as yours, and make small dots across your nose and upper cheeks.” Use your fingertips to gently press and smooth the product, blending it out and making freckles look real.\

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