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6 color trends and reflections for a change of look this fall/winter 2022-2023

Naturalness returns to hair, from the return of bob haircuts to the color trends arriving this season. After a few years in which the riskiest cuts and dyes were the order of the day, now is the time to opt for more restrained options, focused on providing light and a healthy appearance to the hair. In the same way, the reign of blondes is ending and, although they do not disappear, they do share prominence with other hair colors, highlighting chestnuts and continuing with the trend of coppery redheads. If you are looking for ideas for a change of look this fall/winter 2022-2023, here is all the inspiration you need.

#1. Sun-kissed hair highlights

“Seeing both the latest fashion weeks and street style looks, we see that naturalness continues to be sought with natural colors that mimic the effects of the sun on the hair and shine effects to sublimate it”, explains Ana Martínez, Education Manager of Jean-Louis David. Therefore, whatever the tone chosen among all the color trends, there is a clear inclination towards warm tones – golden blondes, coppers… – that reflect the sun, in what we could call sun-kissed reflections. Quique Sánchez, creative director of the Madrid show Espacio Q, agrees with this idea, who comments that “we are at a time when naturalness prevails over everything. For this reason, we opted to use techniques such as the well-known babylights: very natural, very subtle and flattering color effects”.

#two. Goodbyefrozen blonde; hello, beige and gold

Following this line in which naturalness prevails, blondes will move away from cold or platinum tones to bet on more golden colors, but also in a sandy decline. “We come from seasons in which almost white, cold blondes, and ash tones predominated excessively. Now, there is a certain shift towards more golden and warm tones”, says Quique Sánchez. Along the same lines, Ana Martínez highlights that “we have gone from frozen blondes to beige tones ”.

#3. Brown is the new blonde

Not only are the most platinum blondes left aside, but this range of color begins to give way to chestnuts. As Quique Sánchez states, “ brunettes are in fashion again . The favorite tones are chestnuts that bring luminosity and warmth to the face”. Likewise, Ana Martínez highlights that this type of hair will be worn “with light effects of sunlight (lightened by the sun)” to provide luminosity.

#4. Dark hair with gloss effect

“For the darkest bases, gloss effects are sought to revive the natural reflections of the hair, sublimate the natural color and eliminate the opaque tones”, highlights Ana Martínez as an option for those who want a coloration such as chocolate brown or black and do not want to lose brightness.

#5. Redhead yes, but natural

After several successful seasons, the redhead is still the order of the day, although this fall it arrives in its most natural version. While the person in charge of Jean Louis David highlights copper, Quique Sánchez opts for “ brown tones with coppery nuances ”, easier to wear, apply and maintain on any hair.

#6. Deep roots

For those who want to challenge the prevailing naturalness in other trends, Ana Martínez highlights the return of grunge hair from the 90s , “with deep root effects and greater lightening in the contours and the rest of the hair, but always with a progression effect.

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